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About us..

As a family owned and operated business in duct cleaning and contruction industry for over 12 years, when its come to your environment our team can deal with any complicated HVAC systems.

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality services to residential and commercial here in Mecklenburg county NC, York contty SC and the Metro area.

We understand, however, that a great product doesn't mean much without great service!
Our business has grown and our services have expanded to provide the best suited and most complete solutions for our commercial, residential and industrial customers with experienced technicians using a truck-mounted power-vacuum system.

Every time you open a door or window new dust ,dirt, contamination and Mold growth is introduced into your environment with no exit strategy and will circulate through your home and HVAC system until removed. Dust, pet dander, contamination and Mold growth in the house can lead to runny noses, itchy eyes, and other allergy symptoms. Other benefits to get your ducts clean are reduce dusting Your air duct system accumulates potentially harmful contaminates over time including dust, pollen, mite feces, dead skin cells, pet dander and more. Combine these contaminates with a bit of moisture and you have a breading ground for mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria which running in your environment.                                           

Our friendly staff specialist to diagnose your environment (HAVC system, crawl-space, basement, attic) and provide you the best solutions. We clean duct work (all types), furnaces (oil, gas, electric, air conditioning coils,, dryer vents and exhaust systems. We also provide inspections for moisture problem diagnosis.

that why keeping Indoor Air Quality in your house is so important. if you need any addiotional information before you choose to clean your ducts please feel free to call us.
CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning guaranteeing that you are getting the best in air duct cleaning when you do business with us. You can count on us for a job well done.


CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning:

  • Provides trained, qualified and friendly technicians
  • Works with high-powered truck mounted equipment
  • Conducts residential and commercial air duct cleaning (all duct-work types), duct work installation&repair, mold removal, HVAC system disinfect, crawl-space and moisture solutions, dryer vent cleaning and installation, bird nest guard and more..
  • Local business bonded, licensed, insured


Our services will:

  • Prevent illmess, allergens, bacteria and viruses
  • Reduce utility bills and save energy
  • Prevent mold spores, mildew, smoke odors and contamination
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Decrease frequency of dusting and house cleaning
  • Keeping HVAC system work longer
  • Prevent Fire Hazard (dryer vent cleaning services)         
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100% Guarantee
"We hired CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning to clean our air-ducts, sanitize them and install a UV light device inside one of our AC system, Mark did an amazing job and the amount of useful information he provided me with was great as well for future maintenance. I am the kind of guy that googles and youtube's a lot before taking a decision and i am really glad i hire them."   Reviewed - Nathan  Costea  Fort Mill, SC   08\15\2014.


Sunday-Friday 7am-10pm


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